A North Korean defector on Kim Jong Un launching nuclear war

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Hyeonseo Lee, a North Korean defector who witnessed her first public execution at age seven, is convinced despot Kim Jong-Un would launch nuclear weapons against its enemies as a “last stand”. Hyeonseo says the despotic leader would certainly launch his deadly arsenal if he faced defeat at the hands of the US.

“Kim Jong Un would launch missiles at South Korea, Japan and America. He’s a dictator who’d have nowhere to go and there would be no way to stop him. …There’s a slogan in North Korea which goes: ‘America dies, we die, we all die together’.”

Hyeonseo, now 37, went on to reveal how most North Koreans are ‘brainwashed’ into believing the regime’s propaganda and how the thousands who are forced to attend military parades “pee their pants” because they are forbidden from leaving. This past weekend Kim Jong-un paraded new ballistic rockets, tanks and his never before seen Special Forces units through the streets of Pyongyang in a show of strength against President Trump, who has refused to rule out a preemptive strike should Kim reach for the nuclear button.

Hyeonseo says her former compatriots believe Kim commands the most powerful military force on earth. “Most people in the country didn’t – and might still not – know about how powerful the United States is. They think North Korean weapons are the best in the world and they’re very proud of them. They believe they can protect the country from anyone.”

At the same time, she revealed how the thousands who lined the streets and frantically waved flags at the annual Day Of The Sun parade are secretly “sick and tired” of being forced to attend such events. “The people in the crowd are sick of [taking part in the parade]. They are still proud of the army but they don’t want to take part in these events.”

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