A Possible War Scenario

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Prior threats issued by North Korea have always been viewed by political analysis as a way to keep North Korea unjust demands in the worlds spot light and cover up its human rights violations which their government’s dictatorships have created alone.

Yet this time something in the way North Korea has taken a stance is different. In what is now viewed as an escalation in their threats, North Korea has chosen to cancel the frayed armistice that has existed for sixty years, … turn off their crisis hot line which connects them directly to South Korea, as well as threaten a preemptive nuclear attack against the United States.

If a war was to pursue, the causalities to South Korea could quickly mount into the millions, for just south of the DMZ is Seoul surrounded by Lncheon and Gyeonggi province, with a combined population of 25.6 million people. Economically speaking, any disruption of commerce to this area would have a far reaching effect on the world’s commerce just now emerging from the recession.

And in reality North Korea’s threats aimed at South Korea and the United States have also directly threaten the people of China, potentially making China North Korea’s pawn in a potential war! From the United States stand point of view any attack on South Korea by North Korea will force an immediate retaliatory response from the United States. Such a response will drag China into the war to support its long term ally, North Korea.


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