Aunt of Kim Jong Un sues North Korean defectors

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Kim Jong-Un’s aunt is suing three North Korean defectors after they accused her of having plastic surgery and managing a secret fund of cash for the secretive state’s former leader, Kim Jong-Il.

The younger sister of Kim’s mother, Ko Yong-Suk, who looked after Kim for years when he was at school in Switzerland, claimed asylum in the United States in 1998 with her husband.

The suit was filed on her behalf by Ko’s Seoul-based lawyer. Ko is seeking a total of 60 million won ($51,900) for remarks the defectors made on South Korean TV talk shows between 2013 and 2014. “The defectors made groundless remarks without really knowing about her life,” her lawyer said.

However, one of the defendants, An Chan-il, who fled to South Korea in 1979 and now heads a private-think tank on North Korea, said he had merely repeated what had been reported in media. He added he and one of the other defendants planned to file a counter-suit for libel.

The three defectors named in the suit include a former North Korean agent, the son-in-law of a former North Korean prime minister and an ex-diplomat.

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