China has a new detention center for North Korean refugees

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China appears to have built a new detention center near the North Korea border, according to an exclusive South Korea press report on Tuesday.

The camp, according to a China-based source who spoke to Newsis on the condition of anonymity, was built to keep arrested North Korean refugees in China. North Korean defectors are apparently kept at the facility until they are repatriated to the North, according to the source.

Photographs of the camp, located near the Chinese city of Tumen, Jilin Province, show a blue building with an arched roof. Facilities include the blue building, a management office and a watchtower next to the detention center.

The status of North Korean refugees in China remains uncertain. Beijing does not recognize the defectors as refugees, and have previously cooperated with Pyongyang in repatriating North Koreans who have fled their country.


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