Defector reporter missing near China-North Korea border region

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A North Korean defector reporter for the Daily NK website has been missing near the China-North Korea border region since Monday morning, two sources familiar with the case confirmed to NK News on Tuesday.

The source could not name the journalist due to the sensitivity of the issue, but said they have known Mr. A for a long time and that he has “no reason to re-defect back to the North,” adding it was possible he had been abducted by North Korean agents.

Yonhap reported that the missing reporter defected to the South in 2011, is 60 years old, works for “internet media”, and reportedly disappeared from Yanji, China on Monday morning.

The South Korean government is aware of the case and investigating the details, an official from the spokesperson’s office of the Ministry of Unification (MoU) told NK News.

[NK News]

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