Firsthand testimonies from North Korea’s Prison Camp 22

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In 2004, Kwon Hyuk, a former chief of management at North Korea’s notorious Camp 22, said that he saw “a whole family being tested on suffocating gas and dying in the gas chamber,” according to The Guardian. He said, “Scientists observe the entire process from above, through the glass.”

North Korean defector, Soon Ok Lee(C) and hundreds of other demonstrators rally on the West steps of the US Capitol in Washington, DC

Soon Ok Lee, a survivor of the camp, corroborated Kwon’s claims. While at the camp she was instructed to hand out apparently poisoned cabbage that was being tested on women prisoners, all of a sudden they were vomiting blood and then died, recalled Soon.

Apparently thousands are killed there each year and even newborn babies who are born to prisoners are stamped on the neck to signify that they will soon be killed, according to the Guardian.

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