Introducing Kim Sol-Song, the shadowy older sister of Kim Jong-Un

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Kim Jong Un’s younger sister, Kim Yo-Jong, may be on the political rise but were you aware of Kim’s shadowy older sister, Kim Sol-Song?

According to Ken Gause, a North Korea leadership expert at CAN Corporation, Kim Sol-Song is the “purest of the pure,” because she’s the only one among Kim and his siblings ever officially recognized by their grandfather, North Korea’s founder Kim Il Sung.

“She is a person who has her finger on the pulse of the regime. And she is probably helping Kim Jong Un and Kim Yo Jong in mentoring them in the relationship building that needs to be done for Kim Jong Un to be able to consolidate his power,” Gause said.

Another sibling, Kim Jong Chul, an older brother of Kim Jong-Un, recently appeared singing along at an Eric Clapton concert at London’s Royal Albert Hall. Kim Jong Chul has gone to Clapton concerts all over the world. He has plenty of time and money on his hands, analysts say, since he was passed over for the leadership position in favor of his younger brother.

“Kim Jong-Chul was not seen as being capable of dealing with the blood sport which is North Korean politics, especially as you move from succession period to consolidation period. And unlike his brother Kim Jong Un he was seen as being potentially too weak,” said Gause.

Now, analysts say Kim Jong Chul is in a network of children of the elites who allegedly bring in money for the regime from black market deals.

And there is another brother who was also passed over. The oldest, Kim Jong Nam, embarrassed the family in 2001 when he was caught trying to get to Tokyo’s Disneyland on a fake Dominican passport. He’s said to spend his days traveling and gambling.

But the sibling with real influence might just be Kim’s older sister, Kim Sol-Song?


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One thought on “Introducing Kim Sol-Song, the shadowy older sister of Kim Jong-Un

  1. Kim Jong-chul, the brother of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un mentioned in the post, has reportedly gone missing after attending a pair of Eric Clapton concerts in London last week. Jong-chul, 34, attended Clapton’s concerts at London’s Royal Albert Hall on Wednesday and Thursday, according to the BBC.

    According to South Korean news agency Yonhap, Jong-chul and his entourage stayed at the Chelsea Harbour Hotel in West London, where rooms can cost up to $3,290 per night. However, according to a South Korean news report, Jong-chul went missing over the weekend after attending the concerts. He had reportedly been scheduled to depart Moscow and arrive in Beijing on Saturday on his way back to Pyonyang, but his name was not listed on the flight registry from Moscow to Beijing, and he has not been seen since.

    Jong-chul had not been seen in public since Kim Jong-il’s (his father) death in 2011. According to the BBC, Jong-chul was passed over for North Korea’s leadership position because his father thought he was too effeminate.

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