Jeffery Fowle admits motive in leaving Bible in North Korean nightclub

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The American detained in North Korea for leaving a Bible in a nightclub said he did exactly what the communist country accused him of.

The 56-year-old said he planned to leave the Bible in North Korea long before he even traveled to the country, he told the Dayton Daily News. He was not necessarily there to proselytize, he said, but he was driven by his “strong motivation to help the Christians” in the area, he said.

He was kept in isolation and passed the time by writing letters to his family and watching North Korean state TV, he told NBC News. Despite being in jail, he said he was treated relatively well.  He was given hearty meals of rice, meat and vegetables. When he complained that his food was too spicy, the cook turned down the heat, he said.

Two Americans remain detained in North Korea. Both Kenneth Bae and Matthew Miller were convicted of crimes and sentenced to hard labor.

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