Kim Jong-un spotted in Chicago?

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A photo of North Korean supreme leader Kim Jong-un casually riding a train in Chicago?

The photograph, posted on Imgur by a commuter, shows the lookalike playing on his phone, looking a bit bored despite being in the land of the free!

While the man’s trademark haircut and grey suit seemed to suggest he was the real deal, commenters online were quick to point out that he has been seen in the area plenty of times before – and is actually a student at the University of Illinois.

Minyong Kim dresses up as the North Korean tyrant and is often seen partying at bars and playing basketball while impersonating him.

While he loves pretending to be Kim Jong-un, Kim’s parents are less keen because of worsening relations between South Korea – where he is from – and North Korea.

‘My parents are kind of worrying I might be assassinated or kidnapped,’ he said.

He has a reputation among students at the University of Illinois and is regularly stopped for selfies on nights out. Kim said: “College life is very hard and stressful. If people can laugh for a while for 10 seconds, I’ll be happy with it.”

[Daily Mail]

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  1. […] Minyong Kim from South Korea has also adopted the look. He too first dressed up for fun before realizing it could make for an interesting part-time vocation. Arguably his most impressive stunt was when he joined forces with Barack Obama impersonator Reggie Brown to croon a rendition of Eric Carmen’s 1970s classic “All By Myself” on the streets of Seoul. He has since moved to the US to study where he has become “ the most selfied guy on campus ”, he told News Gazette. […]

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