Kim Jong-un still purging traces of his uncle’s influence

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North Korean leader Kim Jong-un is still struggling to wipe out the network of businesses and influence established by his uncle Jang Song-taek, whom he executed in December 2013.

A source last week said Kim is especially allergic to facilities with names like “Haedanghwa” or “Daedonggang,” which were commonly used by businesses Jang controlled.

In June this year, Kim was touring the Haedanghwa kimchi factory in Pyongyang when he suddenly became angry and ordered the name to be changed to Ryugyong.

A landmark mall in the capital called Haedanghwa, a pet project of Jang’s, has also been renamed.

In April, Kim ordered the demolition of a folklore park in Pyongyang, another pet project of Jang’s that opened in 2012. The following month Kim ordered officials to delete all images of the park in various publications.

Kim is also said to complain frequently of the vast influence Jang had in North Korea.

[Chosun Ilbo]

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