Kim Jong-Un to officially cement North Korean Supreme Leader role

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North Korea is set to hold a landmark ruling party congress this week that will cement Kim Jong-Un’s status as the country’s Supreme Leader. This comes after four years of reorganising, reshuffling and executions.

The party congress to be held this week will be the first in 40 years, and will officially make Kim Jong-Un the leader of the country. The congress will start on Friday and it follows a 70-day loyalty drive, in which all workers were asked to work harder to express their loyalty to the leader and the Worker’s Party of Korea.

According to reports, North Korean expert at Yonsei University in Seoul, John Delury said, “This congress means everything for Kim Jong-Un. It is the most public, historic setting in which he can demonstrate that he is fully in charge, and that everyone follows his orders. Nominally, it’s for the party, but really this congress is for Kim.”

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