North Korea attempting to ban the crucifix?

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Britain’s Daily Express reports that North Korean government officials are confiscating items with crosses on labels and raiding shops for the markings. Clothing and hair clips are amongst items being inspected by Kim Jong-un’s regime which is opposed to organized religion.

It’s believed there are 300,000 Christians in North Korea. Many are forced to worship in secret and risk torture and death to do so. Under the country’s strict class system Christians are classed as “hostiles” receiving less food and harsher punishments.

A spokesman for Open Doors said: “Despite Christianity being strictly forbidden Open Doors estimates there are 200,000 – 400,000 Christians who worship in secret inside North Korea.

Kim Jong-un’s despotic regime is said to reserve its harshest punishments for Christians, with believers facing arrest, torture, imprisonment and death. It’s estimated 70,000 Christians are currently in prison or labor camps in North Korea because of their faith.

Defectors claim four church buildings in the capital of Pyongyang are used as showpieces by the authorities.

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