North Korea calls United States ‘heinous violator of human rights’

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North Korea denounced the United States as a “heinous violator of human rights” on Wednesday.

A Pyongyang foreign ministry spokesman told state news agency KCNA: “The United States has proved once again it is the source of trouble, sweeping the world with acts of terror and human rights violations.”

“An atrocious nation of war criminals, violator of human rights, the United States needs to undergo a rigorous judgment of rights abuses and yet goes around pretending to be an ‘international judge,’ meddling in other countries’ affairs,” the statement read.

The North Korean spokesman also said the United States had attacked the country’s “highest dignity,” which is an “unforgivable crime.”

The verbal attack on Washington seems to be part of a series of reactions from Pyongyang regarding the U.S. decision to sanction Kim Jong Un for human rights abuses.


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