North Korea defections to South Korea climbs by 15%

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The number of North Koreans defecting to South Korea rose 15 percent in the first eight months of 2016 compared with last year, government data showed Wednesday. From January to August, 894 North Koreans arrived in South Korea compared with 777 the previous year’s eight months, according to data by the Ministry of Unification.

In all, the total number of North Korean defectors has reached 29,688.

Defection peaked in 2009 as the previous regime of Kim Jong Il had widespread famine and slowed since 2011 as new leader Kim Jong Un strengthened border control and surveillance over the country’s population.

But it increased this year as North Koreans are escaping his stronger control of the communist country.

Another reason is economic. “Compared with the past, the number of North Korean defectors seeking more opportunities and better lives for themselves in South Korea has increased,” a government official said.

Overseas workers and diplomats are defecting as North Korea is pressuring them to send more money to the North.

“The costs [North Koreans have to bear] for defections have increased as the Kim Jong Un regime has intensified crackdowns on those who attempt to flee the nation,” Jeong Joon-hee, South Korea’s unification ministry spokesman, told a press briefing.


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