North Korea devastation in flood-hit area

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One month after devastating floods caused by a typhoon hit a remote area of North Korea, Red Cross officials said Sunday that more help is needed for thousands of displaced people before harsh winter conditions set in.

In a video provided by The Red Cross, people of North Hamgyong are seen living in temporary shelters amid rubble and mud-caked areas of destruction left in the wake of the flooding. North Korean authorities have launched a major reconstruction effort, but have asked international humanitarian organizations for help.

The Red Cross has sent supplies to construct temporary shelters and provide daily necessities for people who lost everything in the flooding.

Winter is coming soon, meaning snow and plummeting temperatures will make life more difficult for thousands of displaced people still living in very basic conditions. Red Cross official, Chris Staines, who was among the first international humanitarian workers to reach the area in early September, said in this part of the country, the peak of winter can see temperatures reach as low as -30 degrees Celsius.


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