North Korea proposes talks with South Korea

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North Korea has proposed talks with South Korea to be held on Nov. 26 at the truce village on their militarized border, North Korea’s official KCNA news agency said Friday.

The talks, if held, would be the first government-level meeting focused on easing tension since the two sides agreed to improve ties following an armed standoff in August.

An official at South Korea’s Unification Ministry, which handles ties with the North, confirmed receiving Pyongyang’s proposal and said it would soon make a decision on whether to accept it, possibly later Friday.

“Now we’re back on again, the game’s afoot,” John Delury, a North Korea expert at Yonsei University in Seoul, said, adding the proposal for working-level talks would ease the way for the two sides to get on with discussions. “Sometimes these talks break down before they even start over what level to send, so this sounds like a very pragmatic and straightforward approach,” he added


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