North Korean Intellectuals Solidarity internet battlefield

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Newstapa, a South Korean internet news outlet, reports that North Korean (NK) Intellectuals Solidarity formed a secret group called ‘Battlefield’ some years back to campaign online against North Korea.

And while there has not been established proof, rumor has it that NK Intellectuals Solidarity is linked to the South Korean National Intelligence Service. In any case, members of the organization had been compensated monetarily for their online operations, although where the money came from was a secret.

To quote the Newstapa article:

“An organization of North Korean defectors received money for an online smear campaign. … Newstapa secured a testimony from many North Korean defectors [indicating] that members and their families of North Korea (NK) Intellectuals Solidarity had received money for having written online postings in Agora forums at Daum, an internet portal, from the end of 2009 to the end of 2010.”

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