Pyongyang claims US planning surprise nuclear attack

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The US is planning to mount a surprise nuclear attack on North Korea when it stages a joint military exercise with South Korea in the coming days, Pyongyang has claimed. The drills are set to begin on 22 August.

The North pledged the country would launch a “merciless retaliatory counteraction” against the US-South Korean forces. With tensions in the Korean peninsula constantly escalating, Pyongyang has yet again stepped up its rhetoric against the US, leading to a further deterioration of the situation. The North’s comments are sharply aimed at Washington’s recent decision to deploy sophisticated B-2 Spirit nuclear-capable bombers in the US territory of Guam.

Pyongyang has constantly dubbed the joint US–South Korean military exercises as a rehearsal for an actual attack on its country. But the US and South Korea have maintained they are necessary defensive measures undertaken to combat the emerging threats from the North.

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