Rumor that Kim Jong Un avoids assassination attempt

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Rumors have circulated that Kim Jong Un narrowly avoided death after explosives were found at an airport he was due to visit last October.

A stack of explosives was reportedly found hidden inside the roof of Kalma Airport a day before Jong-Un was scheduled to arrive.

The TNT was discovered by North Korea’s State Security Department (SSD) just hours before the visit. The device had apparently been missed during an earlier sweep of the airport by Jong Un’s personal Supreme Guard Command bodyguards.

A source told Radio Free Asia: “The explosives found at the desk was a box of TNT which North Koreans use to blast through mines. The explosives were planted inside the roof of the airport’s information desk.”

South Korean commentators have suggested the incident was a stunt aimed at winning support for the security services. Jeong Jin-man, formerly of the South Korean Special Forces, said: “It might have been an SSD setup to win Kim Jong Un’s favour by setting up the TNT and pretending that they found it after the Supreme Guard Command had already swept the site.”

This comes as North Korean officials are said to be growing increasingly disenchanted with Jong Un’s iron-fisted rule.

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