Seoul spy agency says North Korea plotting terror attack

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South Korea said Thursday North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has ordered greater preparations for terror attacks on the South, including cyberattacks.

According to an official from South Korea’s Ministry of National Defense, F-22s were brought to the country to demonstrate South Korea’s force and to warn North Korea.
The U.S. and South Korea on Wednesday intensified its pressure on North Korea by deploying stealth bombers and prohibiting civilian exchanges in response to the recent nuclear test from the regime of Kim Jong-un.

The US will send 15,000 soldiers, up from 3,700 a year ago, and South Korea will also increase its number of participants.

Seoul says the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense, or THAAD, system would be meant to destroy North Korean missiles targeting the South.

The reported threat comes amid worldwide tensions over North Korea’s February 7 rocket launch. Since August 2010, Pyongyang has broadcast strong radio signals to the South three times, disrupting Global Positioning System signals in Seoul and other regions and causing mobile phones and other electronic equipment to temporarily malfunction.


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