South Korean ‘celebration’ on the second anniversary of Kim Jong Il’s death

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North Korea on Tuesday marked the second anniversary of Kim Jong Il’s death. Its political and military elite held a massive memorial in the capital Pyongyang, where they pledged their loyalty to his son and successor, Kim Jong Un.

Meanwhile, in South Korea, 10 defectors from the North held a very different kind of ceremony.

North Korean defector Chang Kweon stated, “I heard North Korea is holding a memorial event, but we’re here to celebrate his death.”

Later in the day, some 150 South Koreans marked the anniversary by protesting the Pyongyang regime. South Korean protestor Choo Sun-Hee was quoted saying, “We are holding this event to celebrate the death of Kim Jong Il. We also hold today’s event in the hopes that the depraved Kim Jong Un dies soon.”


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    On the second anniversary of the death of former North Korean leader, Kim Jong Il, protesters also burned effigies of the country’s leaders, as well as its flag.

    On Thursday, North Korea sent a fax to South Korea threatening to “strike mercilessly without notice”. The message warned that North Korea would strike if “the provocation against our highest dignity is to be repeated in the downtown of Seoul.”

    Pyongyang routinely threatens to retaliate after what it considers “provocations” including protests or balloon launches to the north by South Korean groups.

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