The Chinese believe that the US, not China, holds key to Korean reunification

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Excerpts from an editorial in the China Daily:

“The US and Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) have been locked in a stalemate for some time: Pyongyang wants a peace treaty first and Washington demands that Pyongyang first abandon its nuclear weapons program. North Korea uses the US’ refusal to sign a peace treaty to conduct nuclear tests…. The US, in turn, uses the DPRK’s actions to beef up its missile defense system in Asia.

“By refusing to promise that it will not take any military action against the DPRK, the US has provoked it to build nuclear weapons and tried to drive a wedge between Beijing and Pyongyang. The US is playing the DPRK nuclear card also to create a rift between China and South Korea and keep the latter deeply entrenched in Washington’s camp, which could prove damaging for Beijing and Seoul.”

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One thought on “The Chinese believe that the US, not China, holds key to Korean reunification

  1. From a survey conducted by the Chosun Ilbo and Center for Cultural Unification Studies earlier this year, on 100 North Koreans in China, 95% yearn for a unified Korea, and 97 % believe it would have a positive influence on their lives.

    The North Koreans surveyed said even though their leader Kim Jong-un may oppose reunification, it would be difficult for him to prevent it.

    The 100 who agreed to be interviewed were in China legally with permission from their country’s regime. Because they were all in North Korea fairly recently, they were able to provide valuable information about the current situation in the North and people’s attitudes there.

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