UN rapporteur states Kim Jong Un guilty of complicity in North Korean abuses

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Marzuki Darusman, the UN’s special rapporteur on human rights in North Korea, said the country’s leader Kim Jong-un was guilty of “complicity in crimes against humanity” and “should be held responsible” by international justice.

Darusman made the remark at a press conference in Seoul, in reference to a UN report and a subsequent resolution that called for North Korea’s referral to the International Criminal Court (ICC). He added that the report “was able to point unequivocally to the responsibility and the culpability (for) these massive human rights violations to a single source of policy decision-making in the country”.

In March, a UN commission of inquiry published a detailed report which accused Pyongyang of carrying out “crimes against humanity” comparable to those committed by the German Nazis or the apartheid regime in South Africa.

Kim Jong-un ignored the UN letter that “directly put culpability on the supreme leader for these massive human rights violations”, according to the UN envoy.

The UN General Assembly is scheduled to vote on the resolution.


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