United Nations: North Korean crimes as bad as the Nazis, Khmer Rouge

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The crimes of North Korea’s regime are as chilling as those of the Nazis, South Africa’s apartheid regime or Cambodia’s Khmer Rouge and must be stopped, the head of a UN inquiry said Monday.

Michael Kirby told the UN Human Rights Council, “It is now your solemn duty to address the scourge of human rights violations and crimes against humanity in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.”

His comments followed a searing 400-page report, released last month, that documented a range of gross human rights abuses in the country, including the extermination of people, enslavement and sexual violence.

“The gravity, scale, duration and nature of the unspeakable atrocities committed in the country reveal a totalitarian state that does not have any parallel in the contemporary world. The country is a dark abyss where the human rights, the dignity and the humanity of the people are controlled, denied and ultimately annihilated,” Mr Kirby said.

The report insisted North Korea’s leaders should answer for a litany of crimes against humanity before an international court.

“The world has ignored the evidence for too long,’’ Mr Kirby insisted, adding: “There is no excuse, because now we know.”

“If this report does not give rise to action, it is difficult to imagine what will,” Mr Kirby said.


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