Earthquake off North Korea prompts nuclear test fears

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An earthquake off the coast of North Korea today sparked fears Kim Jong-Un may have carried out his threat to conduct more nuclear tests.

The magnitude-five tremor was detected 80 miles from the Korean Peninsula at around 3.48am local time, according to the United States Geological Survey.

It comes just two days after the sabre-rattling state threatened to launch a ‘new form’ of nuclear power tests – and hours after the North and South exchanged artillery fire near a disputed sea boundary in a heightening of tensions on the peninsula.

The force of today’s earthquake was similar to the 5.1-magnitude tremor registered in a North Korean mountain range from a previous nuclear test in December 2012. But its location at a depth of nearly 10 miles in the sea did not immediately suggest nuclear testing was the cause this time, it was reported by the Daily Telegraph.


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