North Korea blows up tunnels at Punggye-ri nuclear test site

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North Korea appeared to destroy at least three nuclear tunnels, observation buildings, a metal foundry and living quarters at its Punggye-ri nuclear test site on Thursday, in a process observed by invited international journalists.

North Korea announced on April 20 that the country would no longer need to test nuclear weapons, and to demonstrate its commitment, it said it would destroy the nuclear test site.

A CNN crew at the remote mountain site in the country’s north witnessed explosions at nuclear tunnels 2, 3 and 4, from observation decks about 500 meters away. They were among two dozen journalists invited into the country to observe the apparent destruction of the site.
Hours later, the White House canceled a planned meeting between North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and US President Donald Trump which had been billed as a historic opportunity to bring peace to the Korean Peninsula.

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One thought on “North Korea blows up tunnels at Punggye-ri nuclear test site

  1. So just hours after North Korea destroyed these three nuclear tunnels, the White House canceled the planned meeting between President Trump and Kim Jong Un. Trump’s announcement came through while several American journalists were in North Korea witnessing the destruction of the nuclear test site.

    CNN correspondent Will Ripley, who was reporting from the test site, recalled being the one to read Trump’s letter to North Korean officials.

    “There was just a real sense of shock,” Ripley reported Thursday.“Immediately they got up and left and are now on the phone kind of relaying the news up to the top.”

    The moment, Ripley added, was “very awkward and uncomfortable.”

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