‘Real low-IQ’ Trump getting ‘played’ by Kim, says US Congressman

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Donald Trump is getting “played” by North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, who “realizes the real ‘low-IQ’ person is the president,” House Foreign Affairs Committee member Rep. Gregory Meeks (D-NY) said Monday.

Meeks was responding to Trump’s controversial comments that appeared to endorse North Korea state media’s attack on the intelligence of Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden, whom the president again called a “low IQ individual.” 

“I think Kim is playing the president,” Meeks told CNN’s Brooke Baldwin. “He played him in the first summit, he played him at the second summit. 

“So Kim realizes that the real low-IQ person is the president and he can continue to play games with him all along until Kim gets what he wants. In fact, Kim has already gotten what he wants: the world stage.”

Trump likes “strong-arm” leaders in “close to fascist-type societies dominated by the executive,” added Rep. Meeks.

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